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How to Optimize Your Streaming Services

Take Advantage of a Distribution System from 360 Media Innovations

How to Optimize Your Streaming Services

If you suddenly have the urge to watch a certain movie or listen to an old album, you no longer have to wait to rent a DVD or scour through your media collection. Now video and music streaming services put thousands of titles at your fingertips in your Jersey City home. According to a new study by the Leichtman Research Group, almost 50 percent of U.S. homes subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. With the growing interest in these services, our company has committed to creating home media distribution systems specifically designed to optimize streaming in the following ways.

TAGS: 4k Ultra HD | Home Network | Streaming Content

How to Bring a Stylish Lighting Solution to Your Next Project

360 Media Innovations Help You Highlight Your Space’s Best Features

How to Bring a Stylish Lighting Solution to Your Next Project

When you're designing, building or renovating a home, lighting will play a big part in the project's overall style. You'll likely work with your client to figure out the kind of lighting fixtures and intensity that benefit specific room, areas or activities. With advancements in technology, smart home lighting control has also become an intricate part of this process. 360 Media Innovations helps you craft an intuitive solution that not only meets your client's needs but also enhances their home's best features.

TAGS: Home lighting control | Smart Home Automation Hoboken | Smart Scenes

How to Enhance the Environment in Your Bar or Restaurant

Set Your Business Apart With the Right Commercial Audio Video Solution

How to Enhance the Environment in Your Bar or Restaurant

A new field of culinary study called “neurogastronomy” is changing the way people think about the food they eat. According to research, external characteristics related to food and where it’s eaten can change the way we perceive its taste. This can come down to food presentation, interior decor and even the media playing in your Jersey City, New Jersey space. Whether you’re running a sports bar or romantic bistro, the right commercial audio video solution can help you set the perfect environment for your guests.

TAGS: Business Technology | Carlos Bakery | Commercial Automation

How Can You Strengthen Your Home Network?

360 Media Innovations Keeps Your Family Connected at All Times

How Can You Strengthen Your Home Network?

It’s estimated that every home now has in average five connected devices ranging from smartphones to refrigerators. These days most of your home technology, be it security or entertainment, relies on the strength of your home network. From streaming Netflix to broadcasting music to your wireless Sonos speakers, there’s an unprecedented burden on your system. Many providers have responded by offering higher internet speeds. But without the right infrastructure, this can still result in unreliable wireless coverage, loss of data, and lagging. We configure your network for optimal results using two of the best companies in the industry: Ruckus and Ubiquity.

TAGS: home audio video | Ruckus | Ubiquity