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3 Ways to Boost Your Style With Smart Home Automation

360 Media Innovations Designs a Custom Solution for Your Space

 3 Ways to Boost Your Style With Smart Home Automation

When interior designers work on a home, they’re thinking primarily about aesthetics. For years they’ve been wary of home technology products that, while pragmatic, bring unseemly clutter into the home. But technology and design don't have to be at odds forever. The professional integrators at 360 Media Innovations offer clients a stylistic home with state-of-the-art technology. Read on to find out how a smart home automation system can bring added functionality to your next design project in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Eliminate Clutter Through Centralized Control

Even a home’s most basic technology can become an eye sore. There's light switches scattered on the walls and the piles of remotes on the coffee table. A smart home automation solution from ELAN lets you centralize control of lights, entertainment, security and more. Everything is accessible from a sleek touchpad flush mounted on the wall or from a client’s smartphone. From the same user interface, clients can dim lights, turn on the television, and access their favorite music.

Keep Audio/Video Components Hidden From View

One of the simplest ways smart home automation can enhance a home’s style is by eliminating clunky audio/video components. How does it do this? All source components –turntables, cable boxes, and Blu-Ray players—can be hidden away in a utility closet. Our integrators then install matrix switchers that transmit audio and video content to televisions and speakers throughout the home.

If your clients prefer a minimalist style, we can also help you pick out the most discreet speakers and televisions available. For speakers, we can install in-wall and in-ceiling fixtures that blend with the thoroughly planned out décor. What about televisions? We can have them disappear into custom cabinetry or even retract into the ceiling.

Illuminate Your Best Features With Smart Lighting

The final touch for any home is finding the right lighting. We work with you throughout the design process to pick out the best fixtures to bring your project’s unique style to life. Create ambiance by layering lights. As a designer, you can accomplish this by installing different kinds of bulbs and lamps. On our end, a smart home automation solution offers control over every bulb to find the perfect settings.

Depending on the time of day or the activity taking place, we offer home lighting control that lets users easily dim the lights to set the mood. They can even do this through their smartphone, eliminating the need for unflattering dimmers on the wall. Preset scenes transform the home in an instant. A dinner scene, for example, can dim peripheral lights while turning up those directly over the table.

What about bathing rooms in natural light? Incorporate motorized shades. These shades can be linked to photo sensors, so they rise as soon as the sun comes up. Not only can this help reduce energy bills for clients, but it also enhances the home's style by letting it bask in the natural light.

Want to design a home as beautiful as it is functional? Contact 360 Media Innovations to incorporate smart home automation into your next project.