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360 Media Innovations Offers Media Solutions for Every Space

This North Jersey home automation firm has everything you need to get the media room (or custom home theater) of your dreams

360 Media Innovations Offers Media Solutions for Every Space

Whether you live in a residential suburb or own a brownstone in the city, you have a vision for the space you use to entertain both guests and your own family. The media room of your dreams may be a dedicated room for music or gaming, or designed in the style of a personal home theater – or it may be something completely different.  Whatever your vision, a custom-built entertainment system will create a destination for family and friends looking for the ultimate hangout.  360 Media Innovations is an expert in hidden home technology and can customize your media room/home theater to your exact taste.

No matter which space in your home you choose to enhance, a typical media room consists of a large viewing area and a high quality audio package. And don’t forget seating for all your guests to enjoy while watching this summer’s blockbusters. Want to integrate a media room in your home but aren’t sure if you have enough space?  360 has a few suggestions for making the most of any space or any media design setup.


Multipurpose room

In today’s modern age, a media room can be integrated into a traditional living room, creating a cozy and enchanting space for your guests.  A variety of large flat 4K televisions are available for big screen viewing in a small space. Do your kids always have friends over to play video games? Accompanied by a strong integrated network, your modern theater space can have multiple screens for a multiple player game room that everyone in the neighborhood will love.  A media room that doubles as a playroom can incorporate a big screen that is only seen when in use. 360 can even install a large projector screen that retreats back into the ceiling. There are really very few limitations to designing whatever you imagine!


After-Hours (and Under-the-Covers) Cinema

For some, watching a movie before bedtime is the ultimate escape. Turning your bedroom into a sci-fi command bridge or a romantic comedy love nest is possible no matter the size of your space.  Televisions can be mounted to various locations in a bedroom with limited space or installed using motorized lifts that return the screen into a closet or under the bed when not in use. Custom cabinets can also be built to hide televisions, while speakers can be hidden in walls or ceilings to blend into your interior décor.


Small Home Theater

A short room such as an unused portion of a basement can be converted to a home theater as well – outfitted with a projector designed for a shorter viewing distance, and a dedicated screen wall. 360 can help you choose the right screen size for the dimensions of your space that won’t overwhelm your guests, yet still provides a cinematic feel. These dimensions will also be taken into account when designing a multi-channel surround sound system, as well as an integrated lighting system.

No matter the location you choose for your media room, the most important features are: picture quality, light, and sound. Look for more blog editions (i.e.What Speaker Setup Works In A Media Room) where we discuss how these components contribute to a modern media room.If you have any questions about these or any other aspects of home automation, feel free to contact us here at360 Media Innovations (201-228-0941)!

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