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4 Ways to Hide Your Home Theater System Equipment

4 Ways to Hide Your Home Theater System Equipment

Investing in a home theater system, whatever the size, involves a battle between efficiency and style. While you want your equipment to dazzle with powerful sound and crisp video, you may not want it out in the open in your Essex County, New Jersey home.

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In your basement, you may want screens to retract or speakers to disappear into the wall to enhance the stylistic theme you've chosen. When fitting a system into a media room atmosphere, awe your guests by transforming the space into a makeshift theater at the press of a button. Whatever the reason may be to eliminate clutter, there are a variety of ways to do so. Below we take a look at some of the most popular ways to camouflage your home theater system:

Retractable Screens

For many people, a home theater is not complete without a projector-and-screen combination. A television is too reminiscent of a traditional media room. Luckily for those looking for a camouflaged look, screens can be really easy to hide. Invest in a retractable screen that disappears into the ceiling, so there's no hint of it when not in use.

Short-Throw Projectors

What's the point of hiding away your screen if you're still going to have a bulky projector hanging in the back? In a custom theater, you can also have your projector retract into a niche in the ceiling. For smaller systems, you can use short-throw projectors.

These projectors are not only a great way to hide your components but also to get quality large-screen images in a small room. They can be placed just a couple feet from the screen, concealed within a cabinet storing your AV components or under a coffee table at the center of your family room.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

If you're looking for a legitimate home theater system, you need to invest in quality surround sound. This means installing speakers throughout the room to literally surround the viewer with sound. For the latest Dolby Atmos technology, you even need speakers mounted above the viewer.

So how can you get all these speakers in without crowding up your space? We recommend in-ceiling and in-wall speakers from Sonance. These fixtures are installed within your wall, completely masked behind discreet grills or –if you go with the Invisible Series—hidden behind the actual drywall. Impress guests with audio that emanates from the walls and ceilings while opening up space for more seating or decorations.

Centralized Control

For your home theater system to be worthwhile, you need to invest in a healthy well of content for it. To watch your favorite movies and television shows you may need to install cable, satellite TV, Blu-ray players, and media libraries. With a professional installation from 360 Media Innovations, you access content from these components without actually having them in the room.

We place all your source components in an AV closet and use matrix switchers to transmit their signals to the room of your choice. We recommend going with an Elan g! solution that lets you manage them all from one intuitive user interface on a touchpad, remote, smartphone or tablet. With the press of a button, pick out what you want to watch and adjust the volume accordingly.

Investing in a home theater system doesn't have to mean sacrificing your personal style. Contact 360 Media Innovations for a custom solution that incorporates the latest technology without cluttering up your space.