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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Home Network?

Follow These Tips to Prevent Third Parties from Getting Your Information

Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Home Network?

Earlier this year, a Samsung TV manual went viral for a line warning that "personal information or other sensitive information" would be shared with a third party as part of its voice command systems. Though it evoked images of "1984", there was nothing sinister about it. It just meant the information was shared with a server in order to complete the command.

The fact is many smart components use your home network to share and store vital information either with third parties or with other technology within your Bergen County, New Jersey home. It's a pivotal part of the Internet of Things which helps your technology be more efficiently.

It also means your home is quite vulnerable if you don't make a conscious effort to secure your network. Below we'll take a look at some steps you can take to ensure your private information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Invest in the Right Products

Because it deals with sensitive information, you need to invest in the right smart technology. Whether you're buying a thermostat or a full smart home automation system, we choose products that have established security protocols in place.
We also strengthen your network with a router that includes comprehensive security features. These should include extensive firewalls, VLAN support, and VPN or guest access for an added layer of security.

Divide Your Network Traffic

What exactly is VLAN support? It means your router can divide your traffic into subnetworks. If you have many smart devices, we recommend splitting your traffic according to specific types such as data, media, guest, etc.

If there happens to be a security breach, it will only affect the devices on that particular subnetwork, rather than exposing your entire home. If you have a smart home security system, it should always have its own dedicated network.

Update Your Device Software

One of the biggest security holes in a home network is outdated software. Often, software on both your network devices and smart devices is updated precisely to patch up security flaws. The experts at 360 Media Innovations will let you know when a new update is available and will ensure your equipment is functioning properly. In the meantime, it is standard best practice to restart your modem and router every few months to allow automatic updates to take place.

Adhere to Smart Network Practices

Even with the best software and equipment installed, there are still certain actions you should take to strengthen your home network security. Never leave the password that came with your router in place, as it is the easiest to hack. Make sure you also update it regularly for added protection.

When accessing websites on your smart devices, only use ones you trust, especially when it comes to banking or online purchases. Don't click on any links or attachment that you receive from an unknown account. Finally, shut off smart devices or applications when not in use.

Protecting your family takes more than a traditional security system; you also need proper network protection. Contact 360 Media Innovations to bolster your network security.