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How Can Home Media Distribution Make Parenting Easier?

360 Media Innovations Helps You Control (and Boost) Your Kid’s Entertainment

How Can Home Media Distribution Make Parenting Easier?

The perfectly timed movie or TV show can be a parent’s best friend. When you’re looking for a minute of rest, oftentimes the best way is to direct your kids to their favorite cartoons. Of course, your kids’ entertainment comes with its set of challenges. You have to figure out what your children are allowed to watch and for how long. Most technology, if not installed properly, can also create safety hazards whether it’s a TV falling off a stand or children playing with wires. Want to make it simple and safe for your kids to enjoy their favorite movies and shows? Invest in a home media distribution system for your Hoboken, New Jersey home.

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Make it Easy for Your Kids to Enjoy their Favorite Entertainment

Give your children a sense of independence by letting them choose what they want to watch. A home media distribution system lets you consolidate all your sources (such as Blu-Rays, digital downloads and streaming services) into an intuitive ELAN g! system. All your entertainment is available on a simple menu on a smartphone, tablet or touchpad.

You can leave a touchpad in your kid's room that gives them access to the entertainment they want to watch. Use personalized profiles to make sure only kid-friendly content is available. All they have to do is maneuver the simple touch screen menu to pick out what they want to watch. If your kids are not old enough to handle the touchpad, mount it on the wall where only you can access it when needed.

Monitor What Your Kids Are Watching in their Rooms

Are you worried your kids will never turn off the TV with such easy access? This doesn’t have to be a problem with an audio video system that puts you in control. We already mentioned how you can limit what your children watch. They have access only to a select number of channels or movies.

Meanwhile, you can monitor what is playing in their room no matter where you are. If you send your kids to bed at 9 p.m., you can pull up your touchpad or smartphone from the living room to see if they're still watching something after bedtime. If they are, you can turn it off remotely.

Eliminate Safety Hazards with a Professional Installation

Children can be curious creatures, and they're not always aware of the dangers in front of them. They may tilt a television, trip over a wire or even decide chewing those wires is a wise choice. Which is why a professional installation of all the equipment in your home is necessary for their safety.

First of all, televisions can be mounted on the walls or ceiling. This way they are out of reach and professionally secured to avoid any dangerous falls. Your home media distribution system also limits the number of sources and wires needed in each room. With thorough pre-planning, the wires that do need to be there can stay hidden behind walls where your children cannot access them.

Want a safe and convenient way for your kids to access their favorite shows and movies? Contact 360 Media Innovations today to get smart control of your entertainment.