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How Can Smart Lighting Control Keep Your Family Safe?

360 Media Innovations Increases the Security of Your New Jersey Home

How Can Smart Lighting Control Keep Your Family Safe?

What do you think of when deciding if your home is secure? You probably think of turning on the alarm, locking the doors and closing all the windows. But it doesn't end there. Your lights, and how you control them, can also play a big part in keeping your Jersey City home safe. Whether you’re looking to keep intruders away or simply eliminating tripping hazards, a Lutron home lighting control system can give you peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety. Read on to find out how your lighting and security work hand in hand.

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Place Motion Sensors Along Important Pathways

The reason that smart lighting is better than a traditional system is that it thinks for itself. Your system reacts to you and your needs. The easiest way to accomplish this is through motion sensors. There are a few ways motion sensors enhance your home’s security. Outdoors you can place them on pathways to light the way as you walk past. These lights are especially helpful during winter months to avoid dangerous ice patches or snow ahead. You can also place sensors in indoor pathways to go to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night without bothering the rest of your family.

Avoid Dangerous Unlit Areas Around Your Home

Along with motion sensors, photosensors also play a big part in your home security. As soon as the sun sets, your landscape lighting turns on so your home is never left in the dark. The motion sensors we mentioned before can also help you catch intruders. When the sensors notice activity in an unexpected area, they can flood it with lights. This accomplishes two things: the lights are likely to spook any would-be intruders, and it will also help your surveillance system collect well-lit images.

Keep Your Lights in Action While You’re Away

December is one of the most popular vacation months of the year, especially for those of us looking to escape the cold weather. But there’s always a bit of anxiety about leaving an unattended house behind for extended periods of time. One way to gain peace of mind when you're away is to create a "Vacation" setting in your home. This setting will turn lights on and off and open and close shades throughout the day so it looks like someone is still home. Your system can do this at random times or gather information to mimic your family routines.

Increase Your Family’s Privacy With Smart Shading

A big part of your family’s safety is about maintaining its privacy. You can do this with a smart shading solution linked to your lighting control. Notice your bedroom drapes are open when you leave the bathroom? Use a remote or even your smartphone to close them without having to walk to the window. You can even make changes from another room. If you want to close the shades in the children’s bedroom at a certain hour, you can do so while sitting comfortably on the living room couch.

Home lighting control is about more than increasing the beauty and comfort of your space. Contact 360 Media Innovations for a solution that also keeps your family safe.