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How Can You Strengthen Your Home Network?

360 Media Innovations Keeps Your Family Connected at All Times

How Can You Strengthen Your Home Network?

It’s estimated that every home now has in average five connected devices ranging from smartphones to refrigerators. These days most of your home technology, be it security or entertainment, relies on the strength of your home network. From streaming Netflix to broadcasting music to your wireless Sonos speakers, there’s an unprecedented burden on your system. Many providers have responded by offering higher internet speeds. But without the right infrastructure, this can still result in unreliable wireless coverage, loss of data, and lagging. We configure your network for optimal results using two of the best companies in the industry: Ruckus and Ubiquity.

Update Your Routers to the Latest Technology

The first step in upgrading your network is updating your hardware. We recommend an advanced gigabit router from Ubiquity primed for heavy bandwidth requirements. It should also include multiple ports so you can connect all the necessary devices to the system. A dual-band Wi-Fi router can also help eliminate interference from other networks or electronic devices.

Find the Best Location for Your Routers

A professional home network installation is most important when it comes to your router placement. We take all your space requirements ---size, different floors, and wall material— into account to make sure there’s uniform coverage throughout the house. Naturally, you'll want routers located close to your main usage areas. You also want them placed away from other household electronics including microwave ovens or baby monitors to avoid interference.

Set Up Wireless Access Points/Extenders

While you’ll get the most out of your home network with a wired solution, most of today’s connected devices rely on wireless capabilities. We strengthen your system with strategically placed wireless access points that relay your signal to every corner of your home. Ubiquity even offers outdoor options to extend your coverage to your patio, pool or backyard.

Increase Internet Speeds With Effective Traffic Control

Each string of data within your home network is like a car on a highway, which is why it’s important to have a smart traffic control strategy. We do this by dividing your data into subnetworks called VLANs (or WLANs for wireless). Both Ubiquity and Ruckus offer solutions that make it simple to prioritize which WLANs receive the most bandwidth.

For example, you can give high bandwidth to audio/video services when you’re streaming a movie. At the same time, raise bandwidth limitations on your home computer. This way if someone tries to download a large file while you’re watching a movie, the download will lag instead of the images on the screen.

Make it Easy to Service Your system

Another benefit of a professional installation is easy access to maintenance and upgrades. Our work does not finish when installation is complete. We contact you when upgrades are available and can help whenever something goes wrong with the system. Ruckus even offers remote control options so we can check your system without coming over to make sure everything is working properly.

Make sure you’re getting a system that can handle the needs of your connected home. Contact 360 Media Innovations for a network as strong as it is reliable.