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How to Bring a Stylish Lighting Solution to Your Next Project

360 Media Innovations Help You Highlight Your Space’s Best Features

How to Bring a Stylish Lighting Solution to Your Next Project

When you're designing, building or renovating a home, lighting will play a big part in the project's overall style. You'll likely work with your client to figure out the kind of lighting fixtures and intensity that benefit specific room, areas or activities. With advancements in technology, smart home lighting control has also become an intricate part of this process. 360 Media Innovations helps you craft an intuitive solution that not only meets your client's needs but also enhances their home's best features.

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Eliminate Wall Clutter With Centralized Control

From a designer or builder's perspective, the most immediate benefit of a smart home lighting control system is eliminating wall clutter. If your client is looking for a sleek modern look, they're not going to want wall switches all over the place. The easiest solution is integrating control into a touchpad, smartphone or tablet. Tablets and touchpads can also be flush-mounted to the wall to blend in when not in use.
There may always be a need for traditional wall switches, but these can be modernized as well. Like a touchpad, these can be flush mounted to be less noticeable. There's also no need to have a switch for every light. Through the use of scenes –which we will discuss later—clients can control multiple lights from one switch.

Add Nuance with Dimmers

Dimmers will play a huge part on your customers' interior décor. Style requires nuance. You won't need the same amount of light in a bedroom as you do a living room. Clients may also want to access different lights and light intensity depending on their activities. Dimmers within a home lighting control system can help whether accessed from a wall switch or through a smartphone, tablet or touchpad.

With the latter options, it's easy to access every single lighting fixture from a centralized location. Let clients play around until they find the perfect setup. Find out what intensity is best for general lights, while raising focused LED lights that highlight particular artwork or architectural features.

Transform Spaces with Smart Scenes

Once clients pick out the settings they prefer, they can save them as scenes. As we mentioned earlier, these scenes can eliminate wall clutter by managing multiple light fixtures at once. Another benefit of is how they can extend the reach of the space. As any designer can tell you, a change in lighting can entirely transform a room.

For example, a media room can transform from a home theater to a dance floor. With a "Movie" scene, the lights dim and shades close. With a "Party" scene, focused LED lights in a variety of colors can highlight the room's furniture, artwork or brand new television.

From eliminating clutter to featuring important characteristics, home lighting control can help you get the most out of your next project. Contact 360 Media Innovations for custom solutions that will help you enhance and expand upcoming projects.