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How to Choose the Best Speakers for Your Business

Find the Right Equipment for Your Commercial Audio Video System

How to Choose the Best Speakers for Your Business

Speakers are the focal point of any commercial audio video system. While many businesses can benefit from video displays, few commercial spaces can flourish without efficient audio. It all starts with having the right speakers in place. Since there can be so many variations in function (compare the speakers in a dentist's office to those in a sport's bar) it's impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Before investing in any equipment for your Bergen County, New Jersey business, try and answer the questions below first.

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How do you plan on using your speakers?

If you want loud audio to play major sports events on TV or host live music, then you want to go with larger speakers that offer a higher range of sound. If you want to use them for background music, as you would in a doctor's office or store, you can cut costs by investing in smaller speakers. Finally, in areas where your commercial audio video will not be used to play music, go with horn speakers that are perfect for voice applications.

Do you want your speakers to be visible?

For most commercial applications we recommend going with speakers that are hidden from view, this way you can safeguard the décor in your store, office, or restaurant. The easiest way to mask your speakers is to have them installed in your walls or ceiling. If you want to opt for this type of custom installation, this needs to be voiced early in the process. The expert integrators from 360 Media Innovations will have to gauge the space limitations in your business (specifically the depth of your walls and ceilings) to see which speakers would work best.

How big a space will the speakers cover?

The size of your business will also affect the type of speakers. If you have a smaller space, you can use surface mounted ones in the corners of the room. For a larger area, ceiling speakers are the best way to get sound evenly dispersed.
Using big floor standing speakers will result in sound being too loud in some sections which can lead to a direct loss of profit. If it becomes a nuisance, you'll find areas of your bar or restaurant that customers refuse to use.

If you're in a bar or club setting where you'll want to get loud, high-fidelity sound, you're going to want to complement your system with a few in-wall installations that give patrons a more immersive experience.

How will you complement your speakers?

It's not enough to just install a few speakers and call it a day. You need the right commercial audio video system backing them up. Work with a professional to find the best equipment and the ideal layout for your speakers.

It begins with enterprise-grade speakers that can be heard crisply through background noise and are built to withstand constant use. You're also going to need an amplifier to boost your signal to all your speakers. Finish it off with a control solution that makes it easy to adjust the volume or channel from a touchpad, tablet or smartphone.

Are you looking to upgrade the sound system in your Bergen County business? Contact us for a custom solution built to meet your business' unique needs.