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How to Enhance the Environment in Your Bar or Restaurant

Set Your Business Apart With the Right Commercial Audio Video Solution

How to Enhance the Environment in Your Bar or Restaurant

A new field of culinary study called “neurogastronomy” is changing the way people think about the food they eat. According to research, external characteristics related to food and where it’s eaten can change the way we perceive its taste. This can come down to food presentation, interior decor and even the media playing in your Jersey City, New Jersey space. Whether you’re running a sports bar or romantic bistro, the right commercial audio video solution can help you set the perfect environment for your guests.

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Don’t Miss a Second of the Game

Few businesses rely on their audiovisuals more than a traditional sports bar or grill, especially with March Madness just around the corner. With games playing simultaneously throughout the day, it’s not enough to have multiple televisions in your restaurant. It has to be easy to control the channels and volume on each television.

When letting audio play on a marquee matchup, make it easy to change it to a nearby television when you see a tied game is down to the final minute. With a commercial audio video solution from 360 Media Innovations, employees can make changes from a central remote, touchpad or even their smartphones.

Transition Easily With Audio Controls

Many restaurants and bars in town rely on a diversified client base. Instead of having to completely revamp your décor for each shift or day, you can easily set the mood with the right music. Centralized control makes it easy for employees to pick out pre-set playlists for lunch, dinner and afterhours. The expert integrators at 360 Media Innovations also craft the right speaker layout so patrons can enjoy the audio without it interrupting the flow of conversation.

With a commercial audio video solution, it’s easy to set the kind of music you want according to your clientele. For the lunch hours, make sure to keep it light with some soft rock or pop classics in the background. When it comes do the dinner service, help patrons settle down after a long day at work with some smooth jazz or some classic crooners. For the late night hours, step it up a notch with a live band or DJ that can easily plug in their equipment into your intuitive system.

Keep Equipment Hidden From View

With a diverse background in commercial audio video solutions ranging from large-scale pubs like the Tilted Kilt to specialty shops like the famous Carlos Bakery, we can find a discreet solution that brings intuitive control without getting in the way of your business’ unique style or theme. Source components are hidden away in an AV closet while in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can disappear into your décor.

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