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How to Optimize Your Streaming Services

Take Advantage of a Distribution System from 360 Media Innovations

How to Optimize Your Streaming Services

If you suddenly have the urge to watch a certain movie or listen to an old album, you no longer have to wait to rent a DVD or scour through your media collection. Now video and music streaming services put thousands of titles at your fingertips in your Jersey City home. According to a new study by the Leichtman Research Group, almost 50 percent of U.S. homes subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. With the growing interest in these services, our company has committed to creating home media distribution systems specifically designed to optimize streaming in the following ways.

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Simplifying Control of Your Entertainment

From podcasts to music services, there are thousands of streaming options to choose from. Through a home media distribution system, you can bring them all together on one user interface. We recommend using Elan g!, which includes more than 24 music streaming services, to consolidate control on the device of your choice. From your smartphone, tablet or even a traditional remote you can pick the content you want to play and the stereo, TV or projector you wish to play it on.

Strengthening Your Media Distribution

Needless to say, your home media distribution system is not only about control. Its primary focus is going to be about how you want to distribute your content. 360 Media Innovations designs a solution that gives you wired and wireless access to your favorite movies, TV shows and music.

The first step is to strengthen your home network. With Netflix now offering 4K Ultra HD content and Tidal streaming uncompressed audio, you're going to need a lot more bandwidth. The first step is to contact your internet service provider to increase your account's download speed. We then hook you up with the necessary routers and access points to get you reliable coverage throughout your home.

Though we can strengthen your home network for wireless streaming, we still recommend going with a wired solution for the best results. For efficient, uninterrupted signals, you should use CAT7 Ethernet cables and HDMI 2.0 cables. These are capable of carrying larger bandwidths and are less prone to signal interference.

Finding the Right Equipment

Once you've picked out how you want to control your system and the best way to distribute your content, it's time to figure out where you want your content to play. When streaming services first hit the market, it was common for people to settle for playing them on their laptop screen and audio. With the rise of connected devices, that's no longer the case.

Your home media distribution system makes it easy to connect your streaming services to televisions and speakers, so you don't have to be relegated to your laptop or computer. We can also recommend equipment –like Samsung Smart TVs or Sonos speakers—that already has streaming apps built in for easy access.

Take advantage of the thousands of streaming options at your fingertips! Contact 360 Media Innovations to install a state-of-the-art home media distribution system!