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Remote Home Lighting Control

Made Possible with 360 Media Innovations and Lutron

Remote Home Lighting Control

No matter the size of your job or budget, 360 Media Innovations has the solutions for making your environment as “smart” as you want it to be... 


Getting ready to construct a new home, putting in major renovations, or creating an addition? NOWis the time to partner with 360 for an upgrade to a remote lighting control system from Lutron. Why? Besides having switching, dimming, energy management and shade control in one seamless integrated system? Consider this…

Expandability – It’s important to know that a system can scale from a single space to an expansive property very easily and at any time. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is ready for future progress.

Compatibility– 360 will design a system that integrates with any existing technology you may have, including audiovisual, security, Ethernet and more, for convenient and complete operations.

Performance & Integrity – System management from 360 maintains optimum operations for exceptional performance. And the customized user interface software protects you from unauthorized access.

Reliability– 360 works with Lutron because their design, quality control and performance are unsurpassed in the industry. In an emergency, the multiple redundant systems ensure uninterrupted operation.

Exceptional Service – Since 2008, 360 has been designing and installing the exact right lighting control system for projects just like yours, from condos to mega-mansions.

When you upgrade to a remote home lighting control solution, 360 will replace your switches with keypads or touchscreens that will be wired to a processor and placed in convenient locations (and guaranteed to meet local building codes). The mounting height will vary based on your personal preferences, while the processor is placed in a convenient access location, possibly inside a custom enclosure (different sized enclosures are available based on project size and installation location).

Of course, remote home lighting control is just one solution 360 Media Innovations offers in the home automation, and Lutron is just one of our many world-renowned manufacturer partners. Call us today for more information on how we can help make your home project ready for today’s technology and tomorrow’s upgrades.

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