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Want to Make Your TV Disappear?

360 Media Innovations reveal some new options for camouflaging displays

Want to Make Your TV Disappear?

When constructing and designing “smart” homes and businesses, it is important to have a winning team of contractors, interior designers, and architects working on your behalf.  If one component is out of place, the timing and scope of an entire project could be in jeopardy.

As an audio video integration specialist, 360 Media Innovations has been called upon to work with many of New York and New Jersey’s finest interior designers and craftsman to assist in the technology design process.  Everyone loves the benefits of technology, but getting electronics into a given space without compromising the integrity of the interior designer’s vision takes skill and experience.

Most designed spaces have a television, but sometimes the client or interior designer would like for it to disappear into the intended design when it’s not in use. In these cases, there are several techniques that we use to create the appearance of a non-existing display or television in a room. To integrate many of these techniques, it is vital for all craftsman and designers to communicate. When everyone works together, the final results can truly be amazing!

Here are just a few ways we hide technology when integrating a project.

Television Lifts

There are many types of television lifts. They can come from under a bed, from the ceiling, or a piece of custom cabinetry. It is of the utmost importance for the interior designers, AV integrator (360) and other craftsman to work together in incorporating a TV lift to make sure all elements and spaces are in place and allocated.


Mirror Televisions

Why have a plain black screen in the middle of your living room when it could be a mirror? Besides just the living space, mirror TV’s are great to embed in the master bathroom, so you can watch the morning news while getting ready for work!


Motorized Art

 If you want to get super cultured, you can frame your TV like a piece of art and incorporate a motorized painted canvas to roll up and down as the TV is powered on and off.  When the TV is not in use, your favorite work of art on display!


How much you reveal is up to you:

Everyone loves his or her technology, but sometimes it’s best for it not to be seen. From simple TV wall-mounts to custom construction, we help interior designers (and their clients) realize their vision while still incorporating all the conveniences of modern technology.

Give us a call for even more suggestions on how 360 Media Innovationscan bring your build to life!

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