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What Should I Consider When Planning a Home Theater on a Budget?

360 Media Unveils Four Tips to Consider When Building an Non-traditional Private Cinema

What Should I Consider When Planning a Home Theater on a Budget?

There is nothing like enjoying the newest feature film, or a Hollywood classic from a front row seat in your own home. While a home theater is certainly a luxury, a multipurpose media room or a smaller cinema space can be more affordable at a variety of price points. The team at 360 Media Innovations knows that a well planned theater (designed by a professional integration firm) will bring the best results.

A professional who understands the parameters, internalizes the goals, and knows how to bring out the best in each piece of equipment will deliver a better home theater project experience. Before consulting with your local home theater integrator, 360 Media would like to give you a few details to consider before planning your new media room.

Location, Location, Location

While top-of-the-line equipment is a great accessory for your home theater, the room or space should always be considered first. If your home has a basement or a room below-ground that is underutilized, this space might make for a great private cinema. So why not a multi-purpose cinema room? Another unexpected location for a home theater would be the empty space above your garage. Since typically there are no bedrooms nearby, this means there are no family members to disturb with the audio of late night movie binges.

The Sound of Music

Once the location is nailed down, the next step is determining the room’s orientation and where everyone will sit. These details help the integrator understand the acoustics of the room and are vital for optimal speaker placement. The dimension of the room you choose to use will create pockets of resonances which can alter or distort sound and even cancel it out all together. A professional installer has the expertise to properly execute an expensive sounding room on a moderate budget.

Lights, Cameras, Action

With seating and speakers taken care of, it’s time to choose what size display will work best in the room. While flat-panel displays are great for bedrooms and living areas, nothing says “home theater” like a projector and screen system. And while front-projection systems offer much larger screen sizes than televisions, inch for inch, this choice can also be a more cost effective solution. While at first you might be wondering if a screen will overwhelm a small home theater, high quality drop down screens can recess into the ceiling and virtually disappear. An integrator can help calibrate your components for optimal picture quality as well as ensure all sources – Blu-Ray player, AppleTV, satellite or cable– are properly incorporated and ready to go.

Welcome, to the Big Leagues

When you’re ready to begin the show, an automated system brings down the lights, starts the film and can even draw the shades, with a single touch. Want to add these features to your entire residence? Smart home automation can be integrated beyond the surround system and video in your home theater. It can include audio feeds coming through to all of the lights turning on and the movie pausing when someone is at the front door. The feed from your security camera can event appear on the screen.

No matter your budget, 360 Media Innovations can build a space that recreates the theater experience within your home. If you have any questions regarding audio video installation, contact us today! We are happy to service and troubleshoot all of your home technology needs in the Hoboken, Hudson, or almost anywhere in the New Jersey!